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Our Mission

We strive to provide the best quality and most functionality in our projects. All of our furniture is handmade with a variety of hand and power tools while using kiln dried lumber from top quality sawmills.


Product Design

Every project starts with an idea and a drawing. Sometimes it is hard to get that idea on paper. We are here to help with that through communicating with you and providing that design on paper or through a 3D CAD design.


Traditional Joinery

There are several types of joinery options that have been used for hundreds of years. We still utilize some of those same concepts today! The proper joint is the difference between your project lasting for generations or falling apart right away.


Safe Workshop Practices

It is vital that we follow safe practices in the work shop to assure we get to continue this trade for many years. Beyond general safety, we try to keep our shop filled with safe machinery such as our SawStop table saw.


Finish Options

There are an abundance of finishing options out there. We are here to help you decide which is best for your project. We offer sprayed on film finishes all the way to wiped on oil and hard wax coatings.


Natural Wood

We source our lumber through several different quality sawmills. All the lumber we use is kiln dried to create a stable end product.


Modern Technology

We do our best to keep our shop updated with new technologies to expand our capabilities as well as giving us a more efficient workflow.


CNC Router Work

What can a cnc do? Our cnc can accurately and effeciently cut out wood parts for cabinets, signs, relief carvings and much more...


Favorite Projects

Below are just a few of our top rated projects! Every project is a one-of-a-kind, however we love seeing new customers sharing their love for our past projects and requesting a close copy. We also work hand in hand with the customer in getting their ideas to come to life.

Kitchen Cabinetry

This kitchen remodel is MAGAZINE WORTHY!!😍 Our cutomer did an amazing job with the tile, painting, and ceiling work, complimenting our custom cabinetry.

Kitchen Island

Awesome custom island made from white oak and pin oak slabs! Stained white for the base and features custom made seats.

Live Edge Dining Table

We are excited to share this walnut and epoxy river table! We used a black liquid dye to give the epoxy a slight transparency to grasp the beauty of the live edge. Everything is finished with Osmo's oil and wax to enhance the color and wood grain.

Passenger Rail Car Remodel

This project takes the number one spot for our favorite project. We got to remodel the instead of a 100+ year old train passenger car. Everything wood, is what we made!

White Hutch

We enjoyed making this white painted hutch for a return customer. This project features a thick white oak counter top!

Oak Hutch

Custom made red oak hutch! This was a fun project that utilized several different types of wood joinery. It definetaly put our skills to the test!