Wood Species That We Work With


One of our favorite woods to work with is walnut! It’s dark and natural brown color is what makes this wood so popular. Walnut is best covered with a clear finish to let the wood show it’s true beauty.


Red Oak

Our more popular wood choice for projects is red oak. It is a very stable and durable wood species that offers a large variety of finishing options. Red oak is also a more economical option for your projects. 

White Oak

White oak is harder oak option that brings on a lighter color and less of a red tone. It also has a large variety of finishing options and can produce some beautiful flake when the logs are quarter sawn. White oak is a great option for cabinetry, countertops, and everything in between. It is even a good outdoor option.


Maple comes both hard and soft. Soft maple is a great option for painted projects. Hard maple typically has better color consistency and gets used when the natural color of maple is preferred. Hard maple is also the go to option for cutting boards, butcher blocks, and other kitchen items that have food contact. 


Cherry has a natural orange color but it can also be stained to get some very beautiful colors. We use it on furniture, cabinetry, and signs!


Pine is everywhere! It gets used in home construction as well as furniture. Pine can be a very stable product if properly treated. We prefer using pine for outdoors projects.

Purple Heart

Purple heart is very cool exotic wood that we like to work with. It’s color will range from brown to a very rich purple color. We like to use it for inlays, cutting boards, and other trim options. 

Other Wood Species That Have Came Through Our Shop

Red Cedar