Design Phase

Do you know what you want to do but just need a little help visualizing it? Let us design your next cabinet or furniture project through our CAD program and bring your idea to life. These designs not only help with a visual representation of your project but they also give us a solid blue print with accurate dimensions to build from.


See the transition from thought to reality


We have a subscription to Fusion360 - a powerful CAD/CAM software used in the manufacturing industries.

2D and 3D Models

We can work with 2d sketches for simple cut outs and engraving or provide full 3D models of any furniture or cabinetry project.



Brought to


Commercial Applications

Some of our designs go beyond the furniture and cabinetry industry. We provide designs and fabrication of shipping boxes built around a specific product to offer the most secure transportation possible. Contact us today to discuss your design needs.

- Small scale shipping boxes
- Wood templates and guides
- Plastic guides