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Our Machinery And Capabilities


20" Wood Planer

Thickness planer capable of a 20" wide cut. Our planer is ran with a 96 carbide inserted helical cutter to give the best surface finish possibe.

10_Measure Tape

3HP Spindle Shaper

Our shaper is equipped with a 1/4 HP power feeder offering several feed rates. Multiple sizes of cutter heads and profiles can be used.


25" Drum Sander

We have a open ended 25" drum sander to aid in the sanding process. Several sanding grits can be used.


48" x 120" CNC Router

CNC Router gets used on a lot of our cabinetry and furniture builds as well as allow us to make custom signs and carvings.

35_Circular Saw

52" Table Saw

Our SawStop offers a 52" rip and a 3" deep cut. We can run dado blade stacks on it with 1/4 to 15/16 wide slots.


Mortiser Drill

Our drill aids in mortise and tenon joints. It allows us to put a square hole into a piece of wood.

44_Paint Spray

Finishing Spray Equipment

We have several different pressure pots, gravity fed, and siphon fed spray guns to be used for our sprayed finishes.


42" Wood Lathe

Our 12" swing x 42" bed length wood lathe allows us to turn round stock.


10_Measure Tape

48" x 120" Cutting Area

We are able to cut an area of 48" x 120" x 8" in one set up. Our machine is open ended and larger pieces can be cut by nesting.


Vacuum Table With T Track

We customized our own vacuum table to create suction channels around a built in T track system.


Dust Collection

The CNC utilizes it's own dust collection system. It is hooked in to our machine to turn on and off within the program.

47_Nail Gun

2D and 3D Routing

Our CNC can accurately and efficiently cut 2D profiles and 3D relief carvings or shapes.



Mortise And Tenon

A mortise and tenon joint can be utilized in many different ways. We like to use them for table skirts and framing.

35_Circular Saw

Tongue And Groove

An edge glued panel is very strong, but a tongue and groove joint is just one step ahead to making that piece last for generations.


Dovetail & Box Joint Drawers

A dovetail joint for a drawer is one of the superior joints used for drawers and general boxes. A properly cut box joint is another good alternative.


5 Piece Door Constructions

A five piece door consists of 2 rails, 2 stile, and a panel. That panel can be profiled with a design or leave it flat for a shaker style.


Metal Fasteners

Screws, nails, dog-bone clamps, corner brackets and many more can all be useful if used properly.

Bowties & Other Inlays

Bowties (image to the left) are a good method of stopping cracks in the wood. Many other shapes of inlays can be used in place of a bowtie.


Pocket Holes

Pocket holes are a quick and effective way to utilize a screw to join two pieces of wood. and have the ability to hide that screw.


Lock Miter

It is not always beneficial to use a solid beam or other thick boards in a project. A lock miter allows us to use four boards and join them into a hollow box to replace the solid beam.

Product Installation

10_Measure Tape

Delivery & Installation

Every job has the opportunity to be delivered and installed by the people who built it!


Custom Fit By The Builder

We are the ones who built your project, so we know the exact way it's supposed to go together.


No Third Party

While a third party contractor can be used, we suggest having us take a look at your installation.

47_Nail Gun

Product Care

We took pride in building your project, so you know we will take great care of getting your project installed correctly.